The Solution To Slips And Falls

Having nonslip floors is no longer optional. Slippery floors are a liability business owners can no longer ignore. Protect your business from liability and lower your insurance premiums while increasing your revenue and productivity!

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The Worlds 1st Solution for Slippery Floors

Preventing Serious Injuries

Sure Step Non-Slip is not a film or a coating nor do they leave any chemicals, grit, or residue on the surface of the floor or bathtub. Our ant-slip treatment protects your staff and patrons while maintaining the appearance you desire.

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Safe Step Customers, happy with the Sure Step product on th‚Äčeir floor surfaces.

Why Choose Sure Step Nonslip Product?

Highest COF Test Rating

Sure Step Nonslip has achieved the highest dynamic COF test results among all competitors with the BOT-3000E by leading independent engineers. See our results...

No Downtime For Business

Our Distributors install non-slip treatments to your floors, walkways, and bathtub/showers without any interruption to your home or business. Developed with you in mind...

Tax & Insurance Incentives

Treatments with Sure Step Solutions can lower insurance premiums significantly and qualify your business for tax credits. We have all the info you need...

References & Testimonials

Sure Step has letters and testimonials from major hotel groups, restaurant franchises, professional sports teams, and more upon request...

Certified Walkway Auditing

Safe Step will  provide exclusive certified 3rd party walkway auditing with the BOT-3000E in partnership with the leading auditing firm in the country. No competitors...

Warranty & Maintenance Program

At Safe Step I carry warranties for all work performed and can provide you with a custom warranty and maintenance program to suite your needs for protection...

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